Lockdown Economy: Home to undiscovered small business stories from the pandemic

  • Small businesses seeking practical crisis management
  • Students aspiring to learn lessons beyond set curriculums
  • Big corporates with values & goals to extend support under CSR
  • Policymakers & researchers trying to understand minute on-ground challenges of an unprecedented pandemic

We have so many small ventures around us replete with inspiration and amazement at how creative people can get when the going gets tougher.

Lockdown inspired culinary business

Life often is considered a race to “access” and Lockdown Economy as a platform has unlocked so many of these accesses for people from all walks of life. No wonder young professionals and entrepreneurs across the world are embracing this opportunity wholeheartedly.



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Lockdown Economy

Lockdown Economy


The UN-registered nonprofit social initiative that helps small businesses and self-employed professionals to overcome the challenges of the pandemic.