Lockdown Economy Nigeria in an Enterprise Architecting Agency with Albert G. Udoh

The interview was transcribed and adapted into an article by Karima Idris

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In this interview, we meet RX. Albert G. UDOH, the Lead Enterprise Architect of Entafrique Consulting, Business Development, Strategy and Organization Design agency in Abuja Nigeria. Albert described the COVID-19 Pandemic Era as an opportunity to Enterprise Developers. He sees that various strategies are put in place to make sure that new businesses emerge and remain firm thanks to technology. During the lockdown, it was challenging to help organizations that are yet to adopt technology in their business. He described technology as a paramount tool needed by every organization that is looking towards excellence. At the moment, his business needs Capital, Capacity Building and Human building.

What is Entafrique all about? Tell us about your aims and objectives.

Albert: Entafrique is a consulting forum. We specialise in the development of businesses in making more profits. We offer career consultation and management proffering solutions to businesses enterprises, We work as an organization with associates consulting ailing companies, moving in to rejuvenate, then hand back over to the management after addressing the challenges.

How many clients had you handled so far?

Albert: Before the pandemic, we had about ten clients from both individuals and organisations. But we are currently witnessing an influx of clients.

The Lockdown resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic was devastating to many businesses, how did you pull through?

Albert: The Lockdown had a huge impact on the whole world. Everything had come to a standstill at some point..but to Enterprise developers, it was an opportunity. Thus we rose to educate the community on survival. The Covid pandemic had brought a general sensitization on technological/digital efficiency because digitalization makes businesses more accountable, easy and profitable. Back then, we struggled to introduce all these but got little responses.

So, the pandemic came and increased our pace in making life easier for everyone. Some of our clients had to recall us in order to proffer solutions to the unexpected challenges facing the business world.

Due to the social distancing and the Lockdown curfews placed, we implemented the use of Newspaper delivery to door steps, which our clients enjoyed immensely.

Does this mean, the pandemic in some way had benefitted the organization?

Albert: Well, I can say yes, our organization has come to limelight. And the community had gradually embraced the safer way of getting around too.

I guess this wasn’t done in a days job. Can you tell us how you managed to stimulate the business and attract customers?

Albert: We had to be steadfast and foresighted. The only way out was technological innovation. We shared ideas on social media and got quick responses. We were contacted right away. We sensitized our clients about online marketing, access healthcare on E-health, and the general benefits of staying safe and getting by.

Opportunities are everywhere

We just need to have a different

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Challenge in our lives.

Business strategizing can be exhausting and challenging. How do you handle the failures and successes of the organization?

Albert: We invest in people and technology. We target individuals willing to explore and rebrand their businesses and lifestyles using modern technology, thereby adapting them to our Mantra, which is ‘People, Technology and Strategy’. Some welcome the idea, others tend to stick to the former mode of life.

We always inform the public to ‘Think out the box’ and adjust to the ‘New Normal’ way of life, which had truly made a significant change to people who adapt.

What advice can you give to those thinking of shutting down on their businesses?

Albert: The closure of a business should simply mean, getting on higher ground. No disappointments in expectations. We don’t support liquidation in any problematic situation. Rather, offer solutions and innovations for better economic development for everyone.

So how would you rate the Entafrique organization?

Albert: The organization is making a significant improvement Socially and Financially. Though, considering the financial constraints, we offer our services on ‘Pro bono’, because we have hopes that all these Global challenges will soon end, and everyone shall embrace the ‘New Normal’,and forge ahead.

What are your views on competition organizations like yours?

Albert: As serious-minded individuals, we don’t concentrate on others. We are driven by a passion to renovate and develop. Concentration in competing actually distracts an organization in goals, so we remain focused on the happenings and developments. There is so much to do in helping the World than competing.

What do you foresee in the coming months? Would your business thrive in the post-Covid era?

Albert: This pandemic has made a lot of startups. What our organization does are Enterprise and detection. That is what the adjustment we are going through. Nearly all businesses are going to challenges due to the Covid 19 impact on the economy. Our organization will be there to keep proffering solutions, and I believe we’ll progress and adjust.

The conversation had been very educative and informative. Can you point out three sources that determine the success of your type of organization?

Albert: Well, capital is the first, then capacity building and finally the individual. These are the key ingredients to success. The determination of the individual, then we build and educate them, then the capital for easy access to the technological equipment and some level of treasures and international practices.

About the Guest

Rx. Albert G. Udo is a pharmacist with specialization in business development, strategy and organization design, he is into consultancy and based in Abuja. During the lockdown period, Albert has helped businesses to restructure their access to their clients fro numbers of clients cuts across the media and pharma. Recently he was working on a project based on the SDG on access to education but special focus on Technical Education from late Primary School to Secondary Education.


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