Lockdown with a Life Coach Bernadett Nagy

The interview was transcribed and adapted into an article by Alexandra Carmen Buza

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In June 2020, Julia Skupchenko spoke with Bernadett Nagy, who has become a life coach three years ago, shares how she helps men to uncover their real selves and how the lockdown affected her and her clients, and what strategy she has used for business adaptation to COVID 19. Bernadett is based in Barcelona and works by an online coaching business model. During the lockdown, she lost a few clients, because their attention diverted from inner search to their businesses and financial stability. Despite the slowdown, she used the time to start a video channel to keep awareness about her practice and to create a new program for men with a “Nice Guy” syndrome to help them explore and be who they really are. Now the lockdown is lifted, both men and their wives are asking Bernadett to help them deal with interpersonal challenges that surfaced during the last few months.

Tell me about your business and maybe you can start from what’s special about your business. What makes your practice different?

Bernadett: My difference is that I’m a woman who’s specialized in coaching men and I created my practice around the topic of getting real, of getting their masks undressed and to find out what they want and create around that.

How did you come up with the idea? Was it an epiphany that one day you woke up and you’re like “I’m gonna coach men on being real”?

Bernadett: I had a discovery and it was an intuition. I was like “Ok, that’s the kind of people I want to work with. I also had more and more male clients and they came with the same patterns so I was like there is a need for that. I’m also really excited about the topic of making men-women equality happen in another sense then people usually talk about. In my case: to let men be themselves, not strong superheroes but really getting to that self which is authentic and to let them be humans, let them have emotions, problems and let’s support each other

I think it’s a wonderful idea and probably many need that, they always try to be a bit of a macho. How long ago did you start your practice?

Bernadett: I started coaching three years ago but one year ago was when I had this man coaching idea.

Over that time have you been doing sessions in-person or online?

Bernadett: I’ve been always coaching online.

Alright, so can you tell me some of the things about the lockdown? How it arrived in your practice culture and in your country and how did it affect you?

Bernadett: It was a very interesting period because I had my coaching business as a full-time business I just started in November and I could have a successful start but when the lockdown arrived, I had to see things differently. I immediately lost two clients in March because they needed to focus on their business based on the pandemic. Later, usually, my clients stay with me between four months and a year and I had two clients after four months telling me that they’re not sure about their financial future so that they cannot continue.

However, I got more attention so you could see that people are at home and they are watching my content. They got much more involved with the topic which I think was a good thing in this whole lockdown situation. I got more conversations running and more people signing up for discovery calls which were very good news because I could raise awareness amongst people about their self-development and authenticity.

Even though a couple of clients who left because of their own businesses, there were many more who signed up for exploring what is that that you offer. Could you share how many converted into your actual clients over the lockdown?

Bernadett: The conversion rate is not very successful to be honest because they stayed insecure about the future and it’s very difficult to commit to something when they are in this situation when you have no idea what will happen. But I just got two new clients so that’s good. It seems that those who were thinking and who were just looking for stability, it seems that slowly they are finding it, at least that’s what I hope because they are not coming back and finally signing up for the program as well.

The lifting of the lockdown actually changed their mood and confidence in the future and they feel more prone to sign up and to register with you as a client, right?

Bernadett: It seems and there is a very interesting new thing as well: wives are sending their husbands to work with me. I guess in the lockdown they had their conflicts and it’s very interesting to hear at the discovery call how it can help the relationship. That’s something new, that’s also caused by the lockdown.

It is quite a phenomenon worth noting that similar to when people sell candies, they sell it to the kids and the kids make the parents buy them and here we have sort of the reverse situation where you sell self-development, the journey to better self and the wives are the ones sending their husbands in. So that’s very good to hear and I would like to ask you how’s the competition because we know that this market is quite full.

Bernadett: Yes, exactly, and there will be more coaches coming, I’m sure because there’s a conscious awakening going on so there is more need for us and step by step people are willing to look into these services.

What I could see during this lockdown is that many coaches were looking for a different niche, focusing on relationships for example. It was interesting to see and I have a special case of being a woman man coach not with a lot of concurrences but we will be more and more, that’s for sure. I’m not worried about that part because that’s a personalized thing and you have to connect with your coach and different people connect to different coaches.

Absolutely, sometimes something just jumps at you on the screen of the computer and then you feel like this is or isn’t your person even though they’re offering practically the same thing. Can you tell me a bit more about the tools you use to get more awareness about what you do out there?

Bernadett: For now, what’s working the best is actually creating videos about interesting topics which can trigger the audience and also reach out to them personally to create a conversation with them, more personal than sales calls. That works best for me so far. Now that we can again meet people live I think to just talk with them and connect to them because that’s what we need the most after the lockdown, the connection.

So you’re thinking about transferring part of your sessions from online into the real World if possible?

Bernadett: No, what I’m thinking about is to connect with potential clients offline and then get them online.

The first meeting when you create the connection it’s much easier if you see each other right here in front of you, not in the virtual room. How did you feel when the lockdown happened, emotionally yourself. I’ve heard that even coaches need coaches so how did it happen on your side?

Bernadett: In the beginning, it was easier for me because I was not panicking, I was not having this fear state but after a few weeks it affected me as well. I started to become more sensitive, more emotional than ever and I needed to learn a lot about myself. I had to discover this emotional part of me which was beautiful but also heavy as I had less energy during a few days. I had these ups and downs where I also had to ask for help, definitely. I have my routines around meditation, doing yoga and sports and all the tools but still. We are humans with all the tools around, we need to connect with others and sometimes need to have feedback from others to be in balance.

Of course, it sounds like meditation and yoga are becoming more and more of a norm for people to stay sane and even if they are not yet ready to go to a coach, it’s nice to hear the real story that you also had the ups and downs and that’s probably a common denominator across all people, not just entrepreneurs. But now that the lockdown is lifted and Barcelona is open and free again, what is the outlook of the next few months: some action plans, some ideas, something that you’re looking for?

Bernadett: First of all I’m very happy that we can again socialize and I would like to attend events as soon as it’s possible and to meet new people and to spread the word about my mission to free men from being these robots and superheroes to get to this real superhero stage where they’re happy themselves. I just created a new program for nice guys which is a four-months program which I hope with my new videos will get known by more and more people so I can help them have better relationships, to be more authentic and to be able to stand up for themselves.

Hopefully, the video will bring you indeed many more clients. You said the program is for nice guys and is it quotation marks or is it really just the nice people or no one?

Bernadett: It’s a nice guy syndrome which is not the same as being a nice person. It looks the same from the outside but the typical nice guys have difficulties for saying what they want, for saying no, getting into conflicts and therefore they have a lot of frustrations. They’re not really themselves so they look to be nice but they’re not real. So I’m helping them to become real, honest, to get rid of the oldest tension they have because they never learned or they never allowed themselves to communicate about their needs and their feelings which is very common. You wouldn’t think Julia how common it is, unfortunately.

I am familiar with a few people who are like that and I can imagine if it creates a lot of frustration then it also transposes to their partners and now I see the connection more clearly why the wives are sending them to you. Of course, it’s easier if they can take it out somewhere else and work through it.

About the guest

Bernadett Nagy specializes in coaching men to become more authentic and to get what they want in life. Her 4 months coaching program called “Reinvent Yourself” is helping gentlemen to create a healthier, more conscious lifestyle, which is filled with purpose, joy, and meaningful relationships.

Her new program is supporting “Nice Guys”, who are like chameleons, fixing others’ problems, having difficulties with saying ‘no’ or saying what they want, and giving more than they get. She is assisting them in outgrowing the “Nice Guy” role to become an integrated, authentic, great man who knows and gets what he wants in his private and professional life as well. Someone confident, who is appreciated by women and respected by business partners and colleagues equally.

If you are interested in having a free 30 min discovery session with her? Please use this link to find the best timing: https://calendly.com/mancoaching/30min



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