Operations Management Analysis of an Online Clothing Store in Albania

Prepared in Jan 2021 by Klajd Tabaku, a student of Epoka University

The Lockdown Economy is the United Nations registered initiative by the Think Tank AlterContacts to help small businesses overcome the challenges of the pandemic. This interview and its analysis were done in collaboration with Epoka University.

As we know the lockdown has changed everyone way of thinking and doing things. This also includes businesses. We are analysing an online business “Angel’s Store Tirana” after also doing an interview with the Owner of the store Sanja Mulla.

Watch the video version of the interview.

Angels Store Tirana is an online business that Sanja opened during the lockdown. During the interview, Sanja talked about the ups and downs of the business but also motivated everyone by saying to chase our dreams. As a new business and also online, there are only two employees the marketing director and the delivery guy. Sanja told us that the business had grown and they deliver their products up to 40–50 clients per week. As we know the start of a business is always difficult and the same happened here but the conditions were not as normal as before. The start of Angels Store Tirana happened during the lockdown, as people had more free time online businesses had a massive growth in sales.

A SWOT analysis is a quick way to get an idea about the business. For our case of Angels Store Tirana, I would put them as:

Strength: the quality of the products and competitive prices.

Weaknesses: As Sanja mentioned in the interview is that the more demand there is the more difficult it is for the staff but this is a temporary weakness as more staff may be coming soon.

Opportunities: as an online business the growth is limitless and also with more profits a physical store may be a good opportunity.

Threats: A big threat was and is the bad financial situation during the pandemic but Sanja also talked about this during the interview.

What strategy did the Angels Store use when the lockdown damaged the financial situation for many families? There were three: Instagram promotion, giveaways and also day to day sales. This helped people or as Sanja calls them “angels” to get the best deals and also get other potential customers to follow their business. And also an interaction with the clients is a good idea as the feedback helps the business find their strength and weakness.

Has the lockdown hurt the business? The answer is “no”, since it was opened during the lockdown and also it is an online-based business. It did not hit the business and with the hope that the pandemic will end the future looks bright for Angels Store Tirana.

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