The Lockdown Economy, an international non-profit social-economic and educational initiative started by the Think Tank AlterContacts in May 2020. The objective is to help small businesses and self-employed professionals to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and reactivate the economy. The initiative has been registered by the United Nations as an Acceleration Action for the Sustainable Development Goals.

We interview entrepreneurs around the world to see how the lockdown affected their business, their market and their future. Both in English and in local languages. It serves them as a forum to speak, a source of inspiration, role models and ideas on how to save business during the COVID, a way to connect with a wider community of entrepreneurs.

This content is already used as a real-time educational and research materials by universities. It connects students with small business owners from the other side of the world and prepares them for the new economy.

This initiative is unique because we did not wait for anyone to fund us. We just started doing what we could. Right now it runs on the money we saved from our corporate jobs. All the work is done by volunteers, we don’t charge the beneficiary and we have not yet received any funding.

About Organizers

Think Tank AlterContacts plays the role of integrator, finding the unique profiles of guests for interviews and reaching out to potential partners from various industries, sectors and countries. We are well situated to put together the interview series due to our wide network of experts and connections in the entrepreneurial and academic world. The studio is strategically positioned in the European Union that has a mandate of supporting small business. We are located in one of the best countries for modern entrepreneurship, the Netherlands, and one of the most well-known startup ecosystems, Amsterdam.


  • Launched on 24 May 2020
  • Registered as a United Nations Partnership for SDGs #36773
  • 28 interviews from 14 countries and 4 continents recorded and published in June
  • Local editions in local languages in Mexico, Romania. Also starting in Spain and Turkey
  • 2600+ views on youtube
  • Over 25K people reached through our social channels
  • 18 MBA students and 5 featured businesses participated in the pilot of the Lockdown Economy Academy with the Anahuac Mayab University (Mexico) from 31 July till 15 August
  • A series of mini video-classes for entrepreneurs (from interviews) started 25 July
  • The videos are being translated to Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Online course on Entrepreneurship during the lockdown and pandemic will be designed and published from Aug-Oct 2020
  • Available as podcasts at

The UN-registered nonprofit social initiative that helps small businesses and self-employed professionals to overcome the challenges of the pandemic.