The Year of Apprehensions

Who am I?

I am a 24-year-old Indian woman. I had just finished my studies and I had secured a job in a field entirely different from what I had specialised in. Even after months of ardently pursuing what I am passionate about, it had all been futile and I had lost heart.

Tapasya and her pet
Tapasya´s desk

But things our hearts want or our minds need are actually perceived by the universe at some point in time. We are ultimately given what we are looking for.

For us, people in AlterContacts, it was the positivity that we needed and it is much more that we got.

“I am not at all alone! We are not alone! Nobody is alone!”

Tapasya with her parents



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Lockdown Economy

Lockdown Economy


The UN-registered nonprofit social initiative that helps small businesses and self-employed professionals to overcome the challenges of the pandemic.